Munich, Germany

Delivering Value With Data - The Key To Success

We now live in a world where for most organisations data and applications will reside across multiple locations, from the traditional sources of data centres or clouds, but increasingly the data in your products, services, facilities, and more. 

This not only presents a multitude of challenges, from the continuing growth and distribution of data, to silos of everything - data, skills, tools, formats, integration, process, security and governance. 
Whilst businesses still need to build a data-driven organisation, the key is providing easy access to the data without adding layers of complexity that impact business agility.

To truly gain the most value from your data, think about managing your data and analytics everywhere your data is . . .

Key Takeaways; 

  • Identifying the value you are trying to derive from data, specifically the business value
  • Operating in a multi location world, how do you manage the complexity with the distribution of data across these locations
  •  Building a data-driven culture across the enterprise: data mesh, data fabric, lakehouse - what does a modern data architecture look like



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